About Us

WELCOME! Irasshaimase!    いらっしゃいませ !

We invite you to enjoy our vibrant fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine. Our expert sushi chefs will offer you simply the best sushi in Tbilisi. Our Sushi comes in many types: sashimi, nigiri, traditional Japanese and non-traditional American rolls. Contrary to popular belief, not all sushi contains fish and it is not always raw. Your hostess will be happy to discuss all the different sushi we offer and help you choose those that will absolutely tickle your pallet.

Our chefs have more than 10 years of experience as sushi chef, working in different well-known sushi restaurants in Europe. They learned art of Sushi under several esteemed master Japanese chefs. Our sushi masters take pride in their skills and effortlessly prepare amazing and great variety of sushi you will enjoy. Taste and colors of our sushi will inspire you.

Enjoy your meal!  Douzo meshiagare!  どうぞめしあがれ !

Our Services

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Our sushi chefs have at least 12 years experience, ensuring you get perfect sushi every time.
We use the best suppliers from Norway and Japan and ensure our daily deliveries are always up to our chefs’ high standards.
The utmost care and consideration goes into each and every sushi we make.