Terms & Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 6 September 2018.

Welcome to our website. Please read the terms and conditions below carefully.General terms1. Sushiroom LLC represents the company registered under the legislation of Georgia 2. By registering and making order on our website the customer agrees on the terms and conditions under this agreement.Subject of the AgreementSubject of this agreement is product presented on www.sushiroom.ge website and delivery service of this product at desired location, for which the customer pays for the product in cash or with a bank card.Terms and obligations of use of website1. To use sushiroom services the user agrees to provide true, exact and full information about himself/herself to the questions in the registration form, register on the site filling in registration form and expressing agreement with the terms of use by confirming “terms of use”. 2. If the User provides false information or sushiroom has serious reasons to believe that the provided information is false, not exact or full, sushiroom has rights to refuse to provide services. 3. The website comprises copyrighted materials, trademarks and other legally protected materials including but not limited by texts, photos and graphic images.4. The User does not have the right to change, publish, transfer to third parties, take part in the sale or concession, create derivatives or use Site content partially or fully in other way. 5. When registering on sushiroom.ge, user provides the following information: Name, email address, phone number. 6. When ordering from sushiroom.ge user provides the following information: name, contact phone number, delivery address. 7. By submitting personal data during the registration / order on www.sushiroom.ge user consents to the handling of the information by sushiroom, including for the purpose to inform users about their services.8. Sushiroom uses personal user data: to register him/her on sushiroom.ge, to fulfill obligations to the User and for the analysis of the Site. 9. Sushiroom has the right to send information, including advertising messages to e-mail and mobile phone of the User with his or her consent. The User has the right to opt out of receiving promotional and other information without explanation.The service provider is obliged to1. Receive and Deliver the Order from the customer. 2. Deliver high quality produced in proper sanitary and hygienic conditions. 3. After receiving the order, on average in 40-60 minutes time, the Service Provider shall deliver the product at agreed location. 4. Protect customer’s personal data in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.Final provisionsAny kind of dispute arising from this Agreement shall be resolved by the mutual agreement of the parties. If the solution by the parties is not reached the dispute will be considered by the Court.